Black Opal Cabochon 9.40 carats Brightness 4

$1,070 USD $2,855.44 USD
9.40 carat Black Opal Flat Cabochon with Green Blue Play of Color. The colors are always moving bright and sparkly as stone is rotated. 
Certificate gives information of stone identification, carat weigh, size and 

$3,760.00 CAD value. 
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Product ID 1507446-88IMP
Type Mined from Earth Precious Opal Australian
Shape and cutting style Oval Cabochon
Opal weight 9.40 carat
Color Base N5 (Dark Grey) Opaque
Play-of-color Breen Blue 
Brightness Level 4 (Fine)
Dimensions 20.68mm x 13.30mm x 4.11mm
Origin Australia

Opal Facts:
Brilliance Scale: This is the scale of brightness used to show the brightness of an opal:
Brilliance scale:
1 Faint
2 Dull
2.5 Somewhat bright
3 Bright
3.5 Quite bright
4 Very bright
4.5 Extremely bright
5 Brilliant


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