How wide engagement ring band should be, especially when it’s paired with a wedding band. Rings come in all shapes and sizes and some ring models are available in only one width, because any wider or narrower and the style proportions will not work.
Choosing a width is often based on personal opinion, designs of the ring, the carat weight of the center stone, personal preference, and finger size.
 All these factors are important when bride or groom are choosing the perfect band width.
We measure ring width in mm’s, see our width conversion chart below for measurement in inches.
Most of our rings are available in different widths, ranging from 2 mm to 10 mm.
Ring measures from edge to edge on the outside of the ring.
ring width

  • 2 mm - 2.5 mm: Delicate,thin and don’t leave room for many details and designs, but these bands look very elegant with smaller solitaire diamonds. Perfect if you want a thin band to sit against your engagement ring.
  • 3 mm -  4 mm: Classic woman's width, allows room for gemstone and diamond details, looks nicely next to an engagement ring, can be also worn on its own.
  • 4.5 mm - 5 mm: Band for man. Or for a women who do not wear an engagement ring,this ring width leaves enough room for engraved details and gemstone additions.
  • 6 mm - 6.5 mm Is a traditional men's wedding band, but many women also like go with a wider band engagement ring as it gives lots of engraved details and center and side stone options. This width ring looks best when worn solo, as its size may overtake a wedding band.

ring width chart

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