Round 0.16C. I VS1 GIA (1172319160)

Measurements: 3.54x3.61x2.09(mm), Total Depth: 58.4%, Table Width: 59%, Crown Height: 13.5*%, Pavilion Depth: *%, Polish: Very Good, Symmetry: Fair, Culet Size: Very Small, Girdle Thickness: Extremely Thin-Thick, Fluorescence: None
Price per Carat: $700.00$
💖Jewelry is exlusivly made to order. Details are approximate and will vary from one creation to the next. ※ Custom Jewelry Designs: 2-6 weeks. ※ Contact for Express orders: 6-9 business days. ※ FedEx / PUROLATOR. ※ Shipping - Gift Packaging.

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