How does Sezzle works?

Sezzle Financing:

With Sezzle, you can pay for everyday items in smaller chunks, rather than in one lump sum. You won’t pay interest, and Sezzle doesn’t affect your credit score.

But, you’ll need to make a down payment — 25% of the total cost — and pay off the rest within six weeks.

How much does Sezzle cost?

Sezzle is free as long as you make your payments on time. There are just two scenarios in which you’d have to pay a fee:

  • Late payments. Each late payment comes with a $10 fee. But pay it off within 48 hours, and Sezzle will waive the fee.
  • Rescheduling a payment more than once. If you need to reschedule a payment more than once, you’ll be charged $5. You can reschedule a total of three times — but only the first one’s free.

When ordering using Sezzle:

To use Sezzle, you need to:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid Canadian or US mobile number and email address

If you meet those criteria, you can apply for Sezzle financing.

After adding items to the cart and selecting Sezzle as your payment method, you will be directed to the Sezzle website to sign in or create an account.

To use Sezzle, you need to have one of the Sezzle accounts, otherwise, you will need to use a different payment method.
Once signed in, the purchase will be able to be completed!
If you do not sign in or create an account after leaving your checkout, the purchase does not go through!

If needed  Shopper Support, the Sezzle team can be reached at or 888-540-1867 ext. 1.

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